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Upgrading your organization’s communication technologies can be powerful, profitable and even fun…

Understanding the Strategic Potential:

For organizations without experience of up-to-date business processes, many cost-effective productivity tools are not even on their radar — let alone part of a technology plan or the budget.

alltogethernow works with executive teams to better understand their existing business problems and nagging needs. Then we demonstrate technology solutions that are available to address those legacy issues plus increase productivity, and what is needed to get there.

Assessing Capacity:

Common Technology Benefit Questions:
  • How do we capture and use all the knowledge that’s already floating around in our organization?
  • How could our organization benefit from real-time performance measurements?
  • Would e-mail marketing that’s smart and customer-oriented help improve our fundraising and/or sales?
  • Maybe our website or intranet users would be interested if they could generate more content and value? Or online audio & videos?
  • Why can’t we do what we want now?

Organizational technology is most often a patchwork of legacy systems tied together by some invisible force: your IT team. And a well-trained IT team and technology that work together offers increased productivity for the whole organization and much lower cost of ownership. But how do you know?

alltogethernow works with its partner companies to inventory its organizational technology — its Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats — for an objective 360° snapshot of your tech infrastructure ‘As Is.’ And we compare it to best practices in your industry or sector to see how your peers may be getting a let up.

Technology Planning:

Building a long-term plan for getting your organization from its ‘As Is’ technology to “Best Practices” tech empowerment is a step-by-step process. It can be started with ‘Fix-IT’ and ‘Easy-Win’ plans, and Tech Team Upgrades before moving into the more strategic investment phases.

alltogethernow works with its partner companies to demonstrate the best options, help you choose your business solution paths, and then work with you to find the best vendors for implementation.

See how media and technology can be even more successful for your organization by improving the ways your people can collaborate around the country or the globe

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