Integrating Social Enterprises with Media & Technology — Globally



Agreement on priorities is critical for success, so alltogethernow helps organizations create, capture and communicate it…

Integrating Social + Enterprise:

Organizations working to generate profits and good often end up with split personalities. The passionate, arty and visionary ‘Right Brains’ of organizations often don’t understand the more logical, numerical and techie ‘Left Brains’ — and vice versa! This hurts any organization’s heart and wallet. So integrating into ONE is critical.

alltogethernow provides proven, humanistic and practical ways — using MissionONE methods — for teams to create shared visions, innovations, agreements and, most important, action.
Read more about MissionONE methods (PDF)

Executive Workshop Facilitation:

Helping organizations to think bigger and longer-term with clearer principles, “Wildest Dreaming,” structured visioneering, and market scenario work. Reality-checks using DeBono’s Six-Hats process, “No Strategies” and common sense.

alltogethernow can help your teams work through the tough questions to come to agreements on priorities — and then making conscious decisions for action.
Watch a video about thinking big: "Making your social dreams come true," 5th Gathering of the Social Enterprise Alliance video clip

Strategic Plans, Summaries & Shows:

Documenting the agreed principles, priorities & planning in a collaborative way to increase the commitment and will to actually deliver.

alltogethernow can help your virtual teams to better communicate these agreements throughout the organization using presentations, workshops, interactive webinars, and online resources such as e-trainings, surveys and podcasts.

See how sharing your organization’s integrated vision will be more cost-effective using up-to-date media and technology.

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