Integrating Social Enterprises with Media & Technology — Globally



Working well across departments, offices and countries is challenging, but more structure and skills are needed to cross continents and cultures as well…

Opportunity Mapping:

Understanding bigger, global market opportunities is often difficult from inside the executive suite. Partnerships and sponsorships that may accelerate growth and capitalization may no longer be visible along the same old business pathways. And how do organizations keep track of an ever-expanding world of prospects and players?

alltogethernow maps your organization’s strategic, funding and marketing goals to discover new horizons for success. We then create engagement cycles for soliciting qualified leads in those areas, gauge interest, propose mutual solutions, and get deal-makers to the table. That engagement process is brought onto secure Internet websites, so your team members around the world can play a role using simple, available database technologies.

Virtual Collaborations:

Aligning people, places and plans to act in ways consistent with agreed strategies is challenging in-person — and much more difficult around the world. Yet it is the ‘soft’ side of collaboration — as opposed to the ‘hard’ technology — that is the biggest challenge / cost and opportunity for exponential benefit. So how can your organization effectively manage communications, documentation and results with all our colleagues — remotely as well as nearby?

alltogethernow can help you make your ‘virtual office’ a reality by focusing on:

  • Understanding Collaboration Needs through cross-department / inter-organization assessments, realistic costs-benefits, business cases for investment and executive buy-in
  • Managing the Cultural shifts necessary for effective usage across orgs, cultures and time zones. Specific techniques for making online collaborations and distance learning more successful.
  • Driving Adoption with inclusive planning, proactive timelines, effective demonstrations and tactics for creating and sharing best practices with your best & brightest online champions.

    See one such collaboration wiki prepared by our panel speaking at the 2007 national convention for the NTEN.

Agreement is essential to effective collaboration, so see how alltogethernow helps organizations’ integrate their strategies

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