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logo: TechSoup Stock is the largest global online distribution service connecting nonprofit organizations with technology product and service donations from more than twenty-five leading corporate and nonprofit technology partners.

alltogethernow first came up with the brand name TechSoup, then wrote the original social enterprise business operations plans for the online discount tech store, Stock, now selling over $25 million annually in donated products and services.

Douglas Keiller, Board Director,
I got to work with Peter on devising a radical new business strategy for Compumentor (, a leading technology provider. Peter and I were tasked with generating a big new revenue stream. The concept we developed has now become Discountech, a $6 million cash stream for Compumentor. Peter is a big thinker and, uniquely, great at turning new ideas into success. (2004)

Susan Tenby; Online Community Director, TechSoup:
Peter came up with our brand name. It has been a success, and many other organizations are constantly informing us of what a good brand we have.

The Hunger Project

logo: The Hunger ProjectThe Hunger Project is a global, non-profit organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. It works in 13 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America developing effective bottom-up strategies which empower local action groups — especially women — to be effective at ending their own poverty. Through a strategic network of funding partnerships in 10 developed countries The Hunger Project also engages more diverse sources of capital, marketing and expertise to enhance its efforts in the Global South.More:

alltgethernow works with The Hunger Project to rapidly increase the effectiveness of its global network of program offices, funding partners and volunteer fundraising groups by enhancing ICT infrastructure, intranet and e-marketing communications. A completely new website and content management system was recently strategized, built and launched in 100 days last fall to rave reviews.

Jill Lester, President and CEO, The Hunger Project:
All TogetherNow’s invaluable guidance in kick-starting the process to refresh our website has brought us to a whole new level in terms of our online communications. You brought the team on board in such a way that they were completely committed to ensuring that the website was the best it could be and felt like true partners and part of The Hunger Project. None of this could have happened without your outstanding leadership and dedication. We are confident that what you have helped to build will create a strong foundation for growing our online communications in the coming months, and that, in turn, will enable us to raise more funds for our programs throughout the world.

Sustainable Living By Design — Branch

logo: BranchBranch is an online / offline retailer of highly-aesthetic and strictly-sustainable product for modern living. Branch exists to encourage sustainable thinking by everyday people in everyday ways and to advance the sustainability movement. We believe that products should be made in the most environmentally and socially responsible ways possible, and that the best way to promote those practices is to do it in the marketplace. So we apply very tight sustainability filters to the products we allow into our Branch collection; namely:

  1. The materials used must be environmentally responsible.
  2. The manufacturing process must be ecologically sound.
  3. The labor employed must be treated fairly and provided safe, healthy conditions in which to work.


alltogethernow has worked with Branch’s co-founders since its inception to streamline its operations, strengthen its leadership and strategize its growth during its 100+% annual growth cycles. The company is now preparing for a major expansion and marketing effort.

Paul Donald, President & Co-Founder, Branch:
Peter is that rare breed who not only advocates a strong bottom line, but who also brings to bear a great deal of humanity and caring about the “people” side of business, and balances the two quite impressively.


logo: Green World CampaignThe Green World Campaign is a global effort to plant millions of trees in the developing world through an integrated network of qualified nonprofit organizations, social-benefit companies, funding institutions and the public. GWC is committed to making rural villages more sustainable, restoring indigenous regional ecologies, and mitigating global climate crisis through tree-planting, agro-forest management, training/evaluations and social enterprise. GWC is a blended-value non-profit organization that markets, brands and funds these networked initiatives and supported by media, environmental, social justice leaders such as Paul Hawken.


alltogethernow is providing the Green World Campaign with social enterprise business models, strategic partner affiliate structures, fundraising network infrastructure, website redesign, email marketing and fundraising services.

Marc Barasch, Founder, Executive Director, Green World Campaign:
Peter Crosby is perhaps the brightest, most competent, and most globally-oriented professional I have ever worked with collegially. He is an unusual combination of visionary and pragmatist. He has an immutable sense of integrity. Peter is able to prioritize what is necessary and of immediate value as opposed to blue sky propositions. He provides sound strategies for global scaleability, with an emphasis on sober timelines. He is a changemaker who is a delight to be around: in the midst of working on the tough and seemingly intractable problems of the world, he maintains a well-balanced perspective, and rare sense of humor. Peter would be an asset for an executive role in any company that wishes to thrive.

Anglican Malaria Project

logo: Anglican Malaria ProjectThe Anglican Malaria Project (AMP) provides low-cost, highly effective malaria intervention in Southern Africa through a partnership between Episcopalians and other supporters in the United States, and Anglicans in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa.

alltogethernow provided AMP with strategic planning, field research and on-site negotiations in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique in preparation for launching malaria intervention programs. Partnering with existing women’s groups across the Anglican population of southern Africa, AMP planned to deliver A2Z insecticide-treated bed-nets, preventative medicine and WHO-sanctioned trainings in conjunction with local tribes, regional health agencies and Ministries of Health. Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Professor Jeffrey Sachs provided technical advice.

Gary Bolles, U.S. Co-Coordinator, AMP, worked directly with Peter:
Peter is a tremendously integrative thinker, with the ability to see emerging patterns and to devise strategies in response to those patterns. He doggedly pursues his passions, and can achieve much with limited help.

Kevin Doyle Jones, U.S. Co-Coordinator, AMP, worked directly with Peter:
Peter is brilliant and articulate and deeply experienced.

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